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Magic: The Gathering Brother's War Jumpstart Booster Box

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Jumpstart is a format that mashes together themes from throughout the history of the game and lets you skip the deckbuilding part. At its foundation, Jumpstart is simple: Grab two boosters, shuffle them together, and you're ready to go!

The Brother's War Jumpstart Booster Box contains 18 Jumpstart Booster Packs.

Brother's War Jumpstart Booster Packs are designed to be shuffled together with a random second pack to make a quick deck to battle with. Each pack contains 20 cards that are centered around a unified theme. 

Jumpstart Booster Pack Contents:

  • 2 Rare or mythic rare cards, one from the main set and the other is unique to Jumpstart
  • 2 Foil basic lands.
  • 1 Non-foil land in each pack will always have the stained-glass treatment.
  • 15 other cards consisting of basic lands, commons, and uncommons.

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