PSA Submission Policy

PSA Submission Policy


We provide a simple and smooth middleman service for you to get your cards graded through PSA.


We offer multiple levels of submission to meet every need.


To start, purchase a PSA submission through the site. Once your purchased is confirmed you will receive an email from us giving you the address to send the cards to.


We ask if you do not want us to touch your cards to send the in a Card Saver 1. If they are sent in a top loader we will carefully transfer them to a Card Saver.


Package your cards up safely. We recommend shipping your package with tracking.


We will submit your cards based on the value you chose. It is possible that PSA will up charge us due to the value of the card once grade. If this occurs we will reach out and request payment for the up charge.


Once we receive the graded cards back, we will reach out to you to confirm shipping information and shipping payment. The buyer can purchase insurance for the full worth of the cards. 


If at any point payment is not received in full, the graded card will be taken in lieu of payment. The card will be held on to for 30 days for a grace period for payment. If payment is not received, the graded card will be sold.


Express Games and Collectibles LLC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.